Message from the Chairman

Parks are social spaces that contribute to the individual and social development of our children and young people and allow them to learn by experiencing, trying, and having fun.

From the parks in the neighborhoods to the adventure parks in the national gardens, all the parks have become social responsibility projects and serve widely all over our country with the initiative of both public and private sectors.

Especially Adventure Parks have become the focus of attention of our children and young people with a history of about 11 years in our country, and thus, they have been the favorite investment area of investors. While this situation pleases us as the sector representatives, it also opened the door to several issues.

The major of these problems can be listed as follows;

  1. Illegal manufacturers,
  2. Non-compliance of the materials used with the norms,
  3. Manufacturing defects,
  4. Specifications where international standards and quality are neglected,
  5. Certification issue,
  6. Audit issue,
  7. Accident reports issue,
  8. Maintenance issue,
  9. Standardization issue.

As IPAR, when we set out in 2015, we set the primary goal of eliminating these problems that threaten the safety and quality of the parks, and therefore the life and health of our people, and to ensure that the parks serve as safe parks.

With nearly 3 years of high performance;

  1. As a result of busy diplomatic traffic, we contributed to the formation of awareness in the relevant Ministries regarding the security, inspection and certification of the Parks. We ensured that steps were taken in this direction by explaining the importance of the issue to the authorities, both through one-on-one meetings and organizations such as joint panels and workshops. At the point we have reached, all parks are included in the scope of licensing.
  2. We took concrete steps at this point by organizing joint workshops and meetings with the Vocational Qualifications Authority to determine the professional definition and standards of the personnel working in the Adventure Parks. As of 2021, we have opened the door to a new sector where the young people working in Adventure Parks can make a career.
  3. We have contributed to the in-service training, development, and motivation of the personnel employed by our Operator Members, and we will continue to do so,
  4. In particular, we carried out promotional activities for the public awareness of Adventure Parks,
  5. We have taken initiatives before the public to solve the standard and quality problem, which is the common problem of our playground manufacturers,
  6. We have prepared the ground for taking steps towards the solution of sectoral problems by bringing together the representatives of the Government and the Industry, especially our Members, through activities such as panels, symposiums, and workshops.
  7. With our R&D activities, we pioneered the domestic and national structure of park equipment, which is dependent on abroad. As a first step in this direction, we produced our domestic and national seat belts.
  8. We solved the insurance problem of the parks.
  9. We carried out activities to promote the sector and our Association effectively on international platforms and to take steps towards joint cooperation.
  10. We carried out social activities in order to contribute to the awareness of the IPAR Family.

As the IPAR Family, we have many goals and dreams for both expanding the sector and developing our Members. I hope we will follow up and finalize the works we have initiated in the upcoming period, and we will resolutely walk towards our common dreams and goals.

Our belief is that no goal is unattainable, no dream is unrealizable. As long as we have the necessary perseverance, determination, and willpower.

Kind regards,