Annual Activity Report

Official VisitsAwareness was created in the relevant Ministries regarding the necessity of the safety and the production and operation of the parks according to the international standards and quality. Steps were taken regarding the enforcement of legal regulations through close contact and follow-up.
Panel – Workshop ActivitiesIPAR brought together the Government and the Sector representatives in such organizations and paved the way for sharing sectoral information, know-how, and experience. It contributed to the formation of a common conscious in the solution of sectoral problems.
Regulatory Efforts      It was ensured that the parks in local administrations and recreation areas were included in licensing scope. In this regard, it has taken a leading role in the implementation of the Regulations that will respond to the needs of the sector by preparing the ground for joint work with the relevant ministries.
Activities of Training CommitteeConcrete steps were taken to provide professional definitions and standards for park employees.A contribution was made to increase the quality of park management by implementing in-service training programs.The argument that adventure parks support the development of children has been proven by an academic study. The relevant study was submitted as a report to the Ministry of National Education Board of Education and Discipline. And thus, efforts were initiated to pave the way for adventure parks to be included in schools.
Activities of R&D CommitteeConcrete steps were taken with the National and Domestic seat belts, and with domestic and national park equipment, the industry was freed from foreign dependency.
Activities of the Foreign Relations CommitteeThe Association and the sector were effectively promoted on international platforms. Attempts were made to pave the way for international business partnerships, and thus, to contribute to the growth of the sector.
Activities of the Playgroup CommitteeAn action plan was prepared to ensure that the necessary legal regulations were enforced to solve the non-standard applications and the quality problem experienced in the Children’s Playgroup Sector.
Member VisitsOur Association has gained a dynamic structure that always acts together with its members and operates with a common synergy by organizing Routine Member Visit programs and with the understanding of an association that takes action.
Field VisitsWith the routine site visit programs, developments in the field were closely followed, and steps were taken to feel the pulse of the industry and to determine the action plans with flexible management strategies in line with the developing and changing structure of the field.
Relations with Similar OrganizationsIn cooperation with MESFED (Federation of Recreation Area Operators), a collective consciousness was created to encourage more investments in adventure parks in recreation areas and to encourage and pressure the members of the Federation for the inspection and certification of existing adventure parks.
Exhibition activitiesBy participating in exhibitions such as ATRAX and Flower Show, the Association and the sector were promoted in the national and international arena.