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Our founding purpose

Adventure Parks and Playgrounds Association is the only Association of the industry, which was established in 2015 with the initiative of industry representatives.

The purpose of the Association is: To eliminate the risks brought by safety and quality problems in parks. To ensure that the necessary legal arrangements are made for the production and service provision by businesses in international standards and quality. To solve sectoral problems and to support sectoral growth. To be an actionist association that pursues public and social benefit with the awareness of social responsibility.

Our goals…

  1. To ensure that the parks are manufactured and operated in international standards and quality.
  2. To save the industry from foreign dependency by bringing a national and local structure to the industry.
  3. To create an employment area for young people to make a career by providing occupational standards and definitions for park employees.
  4. To increase the sectoral quality by contributing to the training and development of sector employees.
  5. To increase the awareness of the society regarding the contribution of the educational-based activities in the adventure parks, especially to the individual and social development of children, and thus to support social development.
  6. To contribute to the sectoral developments of the members through organizations such as panels, symposiums, and workshops.
  7. To solve sectoral problems.
  8. To take part in worldwide projects through joint collaborations by promoting the Association on international platforms.