parallax background

parallax background


To be an actionist association where parks of international standards and quality provide service, where there is no safety and quality problem in parks, sectoral development and growth is increased above the world scale, and all members act with the awareness of social responsibility and public interest.

parallax background


To become an organization where projects beyond world standards are carried out, where safety and quality problems are eliminated, and where an active and decisive role is assumed in individual and social development with the projects carried out.

parallax background

Basic Values

  1. To act with common values, principles, and goals,
  2. To be solution-oriented rather than problem-oriented,
  3. To be able to exhibit effective communication, dialogue, and positive approaches in the solution of problems,
  4. To be able to compete in accordance with principles and ethical values,
  5. To have virtues such as honesty, transparency, sharing, and solidarity,
  6. To never compromise the red lines such as compliance with standards, safety, inspection, and quality in the projects carried out,
  7. To be able to bring public interest and social benefit to the fore in the projects carried out.
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